Les Ballet Africans was formed in Paris in 1952 by distinguished Guinean choreographer Keita Fodeba. Les Ballet Africans toured the world successfully until Guinea’s independence in 1958 when they were invited to become the country’s national ensemble.
Between 1958 and the present day, Les Ballet Africans has visited the four corners of the earth sometimes remaining on the tour up to two years of the stretch.
This film is about a back stage of Les Ballet Africans group ( Guinea ) preparation for the US tour in 2008. Filmed in Conakry, TV station in fall 2007
Artistic director – Hamidou Bangoura

Les Ballets Africans Promo

In 2006 we had a post production in Conakry for the Les Ballets Africains

before their’s tour to USA. I created a small film  of the behind of scene of the stage.

It was a great an opportunity to get footage of this matter…


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